SZY-CL1000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Short Description:

SZY-CL1000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer adopts indirect chemiluminescence based on AMPPD and alkaline phosphatase, and works clinically with supporting reagents for qualitative or quantitative testing of analytes in human serum and plasma samples, including determination of determination of tumor associated antigens, laboratory test of protein and peptide test, laboratory diagnosis of liver disease,  laboratory diagnosis of myocardial disease, hemostasis and coagulation.This analyzer is an in vitro diagnostic medical device without any contraindication restrictions.

Product Detail

Product Tags

First result:No more than 12 minutes.

Throughput:up to 120 tests per hour.

Fully automatic operation system.

Multiple Compatibility Mode.

Independent substrate and waste area,safer and hygienic,easy to replace allow for more test.


1.Accurate result

Reliable calibration and quality control system.

Extremely low carry over. Superior performance makes results reliable and trustworthy.

2.Intelligent operation

High-resolution color and large touchscreen enables simple, intuitive navigation, makes use comfortable and secure.

3.Innovative design

Compact,Integrated, user-friendly design in small size.

4.Petite body

5.Large capacity

Instrument Description

Detection methods Enzyme(ALP)-catalyzed Chemiluminescence
Sample types serum and plasma
Qualification CE,NMPA
Dimensions (W x D x H) 680mm×430mm×620mm
Weight 62kg
Assay cup Disposable
Sample position 30 pcs
Reagent position 10 pcs
Reagent refrigeration 24-hour uninterrupted refrigeration with a refrigerant temperature of 2℃~8℃ at reagent disk
Sampling volume(v/μL) 10-200
Machinery noise ≤ 500


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