Wuhan Life Origin Biotech won the Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Intellectual Property Management System Certification

After winning the "High-tech Enterprise", "Enterprise Technology Center", establishing "Postdoctoral Research Workstation", and "Nobel Prize Laureate Randy Schickman Workstation", Wuhan Life Origin Biotech got the certification of intellectual property management system in December 2018 through its professional R&D team and technological innovation.

The《Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard》was formulated by the State Intellectual Property Office and is the first national standard for enterprise intellectual property management in China. The system realizes the acquisition, maintenance, utilization, and protection of intellectual property rights, enhances the domestic and international competitiveness of enterprises, and ensures the sustainable development of enterprises.

As a rising star of in vitro diagnostic reagents in China, Wuhan Life Origin Biotech has always attached great importance to intellectual property work. We have set up a special intellectual property working group. Since August 2017, The working group has comprehensively carried out the relevant certification work of "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards", and started the certification application process after completing the trial operation for half a year. In November 2017, Beijing Wankun Certification Service Co., Ltd. organized a team of experts to conduct an on-site audit of the intellectual property management system certification of Wuhan Life Origin Biotech. After a rigorous and comprehensive audit, Wuhan Life Origin Biotech complies with the relevant requirements of the standard and successfully passed the certification.

The launch and successful certification of intellectual property "standard implementation" marks that Wuhan Life Origin Biotech has officially entered the domestic leading level in the creation, application, management, and protection of intellectual property rights, the enterprise intellectual property management is further standardized, systematic, and scientific. Under this strong support, the enterprise intellectual property awareness, innovation awareness, and independent innovation ability of Wuhan Life Origin Biotech will be greatly improved, which will play an important role in accelerating the transformation of the enterprise's intellectual property achievements.

In the era of the knowledge economy, intellectual property, as an important strategic resource for enterprise development, has an increasingly prominent status. Wuhan Life Origin Biotech implements the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards", which is an inevitable move to look ahead and seek development. In the future, Wuhan Life Origin Biotech will continue to improve the intellectual property management system, improve the intellectual property management level of enterprises, and continuously strengthen the construction of R&D innovation system and R&D investment, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and make positive contributions to the protection of intellectual property rights in China.

Post time: Jun-14-2023