Life Origin Biotech was selected into the 2023 “Optics Valley High-tech High-Growth Top 20″ and “Optics Valley Rising Stars” lists!

Recently, the results of the 2023 "Optics Valley High-Tech High-Growth Top 20" (referred to as the "Optics Valley Top 20") and "Optics Valley Future Stars" list were grandly announced, and released the "2023 Optics Valley High-tech High-Growth Top 20 Report".

This selection event is jointly sponsored by Deloitte China and the East Lake High-tech Zone Management Committee, aiming to discover and commend outstanding companies with rapid growth and continuous innovation in the Optics Valley area. Life Origin Biotech was successfully selected into the 2023 "Optics Valley High-tech High-Growth Top 20" and "Optics Valley Rising Stars" lists!


Among the "Optics Valley Top 20" selected this time, there are 6 software companies, and the remaining industries are distributed in order: high-end equipment (5 companies), life sciences (3 companies), hardware (2 companies), communications (1 company), New materials (1 company), integrated circuit design (1 company), digital creativity (1 company).

These selected companies reflect their strong innovation strength and development momentum. Among them, the company that won the first place in the top 20 achieved a compound revenue growth of more than 1440%, and its R&D expenses accounted for 4.68% of its revenue.

The "2023 Optics Valley High-tech High-Tech Top 20 Report" takes the Optics Valley economy and high-tech environment, the industry distribution of high-tech enterprises, and the Optics Valley high-tech industry ecological environment as the entry point. It conducted an in-depth analysis of the development trends, risks, challenges, and future opportunities of Wuhan high-tech enterprises through questionnaire surveys and interviews with chief operating officers of local companies.

Deloitte China's Optics Valley Top 20 selection event was first introduced to Wuhan Optics Valley in 2014 and has been successfully held for 10 times. A total of 144 companies have been selected as the "Top 20" (excluding repeat award-winning companies), and 52 companies have been selected as the "Rising Stars", 9 companies were successfully listed.

Post time: Oct-30-2023