COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Saliva)

Short Description:

This product is used to qualitatively detect the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) antigen in human saliva samples in vitro.

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Product Specification

1 test/kit, 5 tests/kit, 7 tests/kit, 10 tests/kit, 25 tests/kit, 50 tests/kit, 100 tests/kit


● Short detection time(15min).

● Simple operation and do not need professional equipment.

● The results are intuitive and can be judged with the naked eye.

● The transportation of the kit is convenient and can be transported at room temperature.

● Applicable sample type: saliva.

● Sensitivity: 95.32%(224/235), 95%Cl(91.78%, 97.64%)

● Specificity: 99.12%(788/795), 95%CI(98.19%, 99.65%)

● Accuracy: 98.25%(1012/1030), 95%CI(97.25%, 98.96%)

Storage And Validity

Store the test kit at 2℃-30°C, with a valid period of 18 months.

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